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Gorgeous and talky African grey parrots for sale

Could a pet be as sociable as an open-minded person? Say hello to African greys at African Grey Store, and they’ll sing a few words to greet you in response. These birds are always ready to have a friendly chat with their owners, building vocabularies akin to that of a toddler. They are smart and quick learners with some admirable extravert traits in their personalities. That’s why if you choose to buy an African grey parrot as a pet, you’re sure to have someone to talk to and interact with 24/7.

It’s heartbreaking for us to let our African greys go because each of these birds has become part of the African Grey Store family. But it’s the right thing to do. We’re here to make these intelligent avians and people who dream of owning them happy. So we offer African grey for sale, letting every bird spread its wings in front of its loving folks. They seek your care and attention and want to become your lifetime feathered friends.

Buy an African grey parrot online to share your love with a hand-raised bird

To us, the happiness and health of our African greys are equally important. That’s why we take it seriously to:

  • hand-raise every birdie since day one of its coming out of its egg

  • make sure our African greys can take as much time to fledge as they need

  • introduce them to other avians and humans early enough for them to learn to socialize

  • meet all their nutritional needs

  • train and boost their intelligence using appropriate toys

  • ensure a stress-free environment so that their sensitivity is not affected

Unlike African grey parrots for adoption, our birdies are provided with the best start in their lives and have never experienced abandonment. Also, they are registered, dewormed, vaccinated, and vet-checked for vitamin deficiencies and other health issues that may be common to the species.

Leave your request for African grey prices and let us arrange the delivery process. Our avians are old enough to travel in purpose-built cages to your nearest airport or your doorstep.

Biological Facts

African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus); two subspecies
Congo: larger body, light-grey coloration, all-black beak, and bright red tail feathers
Timneh: smaller body, darker-grey coloration, the flesh-colored top half of beak, and dark maroon tail feathers
Weight: 330-500 gm
Young birds have dark grey irises that turn pale yellow at 1 year of age
Sexual maturity: 4-6 years
Avg. life span: 25-30 years
Maximum recorded life span: 50+ years
Origins: West and Central Africa

Our Vision

Provide every bird loving household with the possibility of adopting an An African grey parrot for sale from our store. It is our goal to ease the process of obtaining a healthy, well trained and hand raised African grey parrot for sale.

Our Mission

Hand raise our African grey parrots or sale using the best hand raising and training practices all the while maintaining a healthy farm for them. Raising African grey parrots for sale of different species has always brought joy to us.

Our Values

We ensure our African grey parrots are regularly vet checked, cared for in a family setting, registered with local parrot registries and ready for adoption when need arises. We take pride in rehoming our African grey parrots under the best conditions.

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Our Services

In addition to providing African grey parrots for sale, we equally offer customers the possibility to customize their order to include a variety of features such as; insurance from licensed and recognized companies, parrot accessories so your adopted parrot feels right at home, all the necessary certifications required to travel and keep your parrot legally.

♠ We hand raise and sell a variety of African grey parrots of varying ages and sex.

♣We offer buyers the possibility of shipping to their chosen location.

♥We equally retail and wholesale parrot eggs of listed parrot species.

♦All birds listed are registered and come along with full health guarantee.

♠We offer a 1 year PetPlan insurance alongside parrot accessories.

With well over a decade in hand raising African grey parrots, we have grown to provide a range of services. Our African grey for sale are fully registered with local parrot registries. When you buy a parrot from our store, we provide all the necessary certification to enable the smooth transition of the parrot from our store to your care. Our parrots for sale are regularly vet checked and enjoy the best health standards.


African Grey Parrots For Sale

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